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Best Small Refrigerated Trailer For Sale

Cooler Trailers in Daytona Beach, Florida manufactures the best small refrigerated trailer for sale on the planet.

Why, experience. We have been building extremely professional refrigerated trailers since 1997.

Our office is located in Ormond Beach Florida. We are just 1.5 miles off of I-95 just down the road from the World’s largest Harley Davidson shop.

What started out as a maintenance call to a bagel company has turned into an industry all its own.

Fast forward to today, we know what works and what doesn’t and focus on the details like 304 stainless steel door frame, hinges, and hardware so you can open and close the doors for next 20 years,

EPDM door seals and strip curtains to keep the freezing air inside, heavier duty axles that carry 2x more and radial tires that last longer.

These are just a few of many things you want in a small refrigerated trailer. Superior design gets superior results every day of the week and that’s what our customers desire, superior results!

So why do we spend most of the year working of a waiting list and building for the most successful enterprises and fastest growing startups?

What makes our trailers different than everyone else in this space? It all starts with superior design. Simply put, our trailers are designed to be a freezer or cooler from the start.

According to Wikipedia the first successful refrigerated truck was made for the ice cream industry in 1925 and since then insulated truck bodies have stood the test of time in the refrigerated transport space for the last 90 plus years.

We are constructing even lighter insulated composite truck bodies and put them on a pull behind bumper trailer instead of a truck chassis.

Have no fear, we have already helped almost every niche that uses transport refrigeration and with a little common sense you will be able to save thousands over a new refrigerated van or freezer truck like so many others have before you.

Refrigerated Cargo Trailer Warning!

We don’t recommend trying to retrofit a cargo trailer into something it was not originally designed to be.

The problems with cargo trailers being used to transport refrigerated or frozen product are numerous.

Let’s start with plywood doors, floors and walls. Too much wood and once you refrigerate and get condensation going, the wood absorbs the water like a sponge and as early as 3 weeks to 3 years you will be staring at mold.

There is no way to properly seal the floor of a cargo trailer and the floor is the largest spot for heat transfer from the black top road in the summertime.

Also, no door frame for strength and durability or heavy-duty hinges and door seals to keep in the cold air.

Unfortunately, this is a common problem and why ebay is full of used refrigerated cargo trailers for sale.

Uneducated buyers are willing to take pennies on the dollar for what they paid, just to get out of a bad situation. Consider yourself warned…

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Refrigerated Trailers

Best Polar Alternative

Cooler Trailers refrigerated trailers are a great investment too. They are so versatile it’s like putting your walk-in cooler or freezer on steroids!

Just imagine the edge you’ll have over your competition. Your delivered case cost is a fraction of someone that delivers by van or truck and that leaves more in your back pocket, not someone else’s.

These trailers are providing another source of income for a refrigeration company, rental company or an entrepreneur looking to add an income stream to your business.

This is one of the hottest sectors in today’s economy, the billion-dollar refrigeration transport niche.

Companies have held off from buying expensive refrigerated vans and reefer trucks but still need a way to store, deliver or distribute frozen or refrigerated product.

Hey, we aren’t going back to sprinkling salt on stuff to keep it from spoiling. The rental market in your area is strong and we can help you!

Our trailer is designed to stay under DOT regulations, so you don’t have to stop at weigh stations, no log book, no CDL needed and save over 70% on insurance over a refrigerated truck.

Refrigerated Trailer

Who are Cooler Trailers for?

Cooler Trailers refrigerated trailer are designed for the professional that needs to store, deliver or distribute frozen and refrigerated product.

Companies that recognize superior design gets them superior results for years to come. They know that getting the right tool for the job always pays for itself.

Our refrigerated trailer is built to last 15-20 years or 3 times longer than a cargo trailer retrofit.

Who we are not for:

The hobbyist that doesn’t have their chips all in when it comes to their business or the person looking for the latest refrigeration hack and window unit that was never designed to be used as refrigeration.

Most of our folks will easily have $10K plus of product riding in the back and don’t want to gamble with something that wasn’t designed for years of over the road success.

Cooler Trailer Sizes & Specs:

Refrigerated Truck Box

6x8 Refrigerated Trailer

7x12 Refrigerated Trailer

7x16 Refrigerated Trailer

Custom Refrigerated Trailer

Refrigeration Unit

Actual Cooling-refrigeration unit

There really are only two things you must get right when purchasing a small refrigerated trailer, the insulated truck body and the refrigeration.

One without the other is like having a PB&J without the jelly. Seriously though, we have seen folks miss this step over the years.

For over the road transportation an off the shelf split system refrigeration unit is not good.

They are prone to leaks and other install and mechanical issues due to transport vibration. Not what they were designed for.

It’s important for a refrigerated trailer to operate at different temperatures either as a freezer or a cooler.

Our compact units provide best in class hot gas defrost for quick defrost cycles keeping your product in safe zone. Digital temp controller built in to our one-piece design for easy operation.

Some folks can’t believe that we get below zero Fahrenheit on just 115 volts. Till we show them…

refrigeration unit 115 volt
refrigeration unit install

Our compact units provide a temperature range that allow them to be used as a cooler one day and a freezer the next.

Freezer Trailers

Are your knees and back shot from working out of cramped spaces, tired of moving stuff around 3 times just to get out what you need or working out of chest freezers and buying ice all the time to keep your product at the correct temperature?

Freezer trailers are used to keep product below 32 degrees or freezing. Cooler Trailers 7×12 trailers are capable of -10 degrees Fahrenheit with our single piece 115-volt unit in June, July and August, the most brutal time of the season.

So, whether you are in Texas, Arizona, Pennsylvania or anywhere else this season, we can handle it.

Don’t forget that our freezer trailers have a temperature range that allow them to be refrigerated trailers just by adjusting the digital temperature controller.

Our trailers are more valuable than refrigerated trailers because they can do both temperatures instead of one and if you were ever to rent out for income it will be more valuable to your fleet.

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freezer trailers

Freezer Trailer Sizes & Specs:

Truck Freezer Box
Freezer Truck Box
6x8 Freezer Trailer
7x12 Freezer Trailer
7x16 Freezer Trailer
Custom Freezer Trailer


What are refrigerated trailers called?

Refer to all the headings above for the various names.

How cold can a refrigerated trailer get?

Our Trailers can Freeze or Cool and have an operating temperature of -10 Fahrenheit to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

How does a refrigerated trailer work?

They operate off 115-volt power from simple house 15 amp outlet or generator while in transit.

Are refrigerated trailers insulated?

Yes. Preferably with at least 3″ of polyurethane insulation or more.

How much is it to rent a refrigerated trailer?

We can get you in touch with our folks that rent by the day, week, or month.

How do you make a cooler trailer?

Our trailer has a superior design that provides superior results for years to come. Click here for more info.


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