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What Are Cooler Trailers?

Cooler Trailers are innovative solutions designed to meet the transportation needs of businesses requiring temperature-controlled environments for their products.  Unlike traditional refrigerated trucks, Cooler Trailers offer a more flexible and cost-effective option for small to medium-sized businesses.

Easily towed by a variety of vehicles, providing businesses with the mobility and efficiency needed to ensure their products reach their destination in optimal condition.
Cooler Trailers are especially relevant for business owners who are hardworking, proactive, and detail-oriented. Cooler Trailers offer a superior design that produce results. 

Our commitment to building the premier quality small refrigerated and freezer trailers in the industry, is why we have been building for Fortune 500 companies and fast-growing startups since 1997.

Thermo King Alternative

How It All Started:

In 1997 while I was still working for the family air conditioning business in Ormond Beach Florida, I stumbled across a bagel shop with a need for some temporary refrigerated storage while we did some repairs. To my surprise there was nothing available in our local area. We either had to drive to Jacksonville or Orlando an hour away in different directions. It drove me on a journey that has changed my life forever. That same year I built a prototype small refrigerated trailer and the rest is history. Fast forward to today, we continue to build for small to Fortune 500 companies and have also lowered the entry bar for entrepreneurs to get into this incredible business and earn an income renting small portable refrigerated trailers to their starving local audience. If you have farmers, florists, caterers, medical facilities, restaurants, hotels, fairs, festivals and special events in your area this could be an excellent opportunity for you. Now, today you can own a fleet of income producing refrigerated trailers for what people pay for one refrigerated van or refrigerated truck.

What Cooler Trailers Believe:

We believe designing the best refrigerated and freezer trailer will provide you the best value or best bang for your dollar. We have learned that a quality built product will last longer, provide better results, save you on maintenance and repairs and have better resale value for your business down the road. Experience has taught us that building our trailers in three parts is absolutely the way to go and provides you with the coldest 115 volt mechanically refrigerated box on the market. Step one is our insulated truck body. Building the box separately allows for the floor to be completely sealed and keep the heat from the street from penetrating your goods. Step two is the chassis. Our aluminum frame keeps your chassis from rust while 5200 lbs.  Dexter torsion axles gently carry twice the load of our competitors.Step three is the 115 volt refrigeration unit. We believe you need a refrigeration unit that is designed to freeze or cool with the correct freon to get cold enough for your products safety, not a window unit.Our beliefs align with what has been working in the transport industry since 1925, so why reinvent the wheel.

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Why Choose Cooler Trailers: Our foundation is built on exceptional quality, outstanding performance, and unparalleled customer service. Our philosophy, “Superior Design For Superior Results,” has guided us since 1997, earning the trust of Fortune 500 companies and rapidly growing startups alike. Our commitment to performance is demonstrated through our involvement in high-profile events such as the 2010 Winter Olympics with Ocean Spray, The Great American Bacon Barter with Oscar Meyer across the U.S., numerous Super Bowls, PGA events including the Masters, NASCAR events, and more. Explore our video testimonials to see the impact we’ve made.

Our customer service sets us apart, offering a unique advantage unlike any other company. We’ve discovered a lucrative opportunity for you to rent out your trailer to local individuals when it’s not in use, creating a significant revenue stream. Unlike other companies that disappear after the sale, Cooler Trailers actively sends you rental leads, allowing you to keep 100% of the income. This approach not only benefits you financially but also encourages repeat business and the expansion of your trailer fleet.

The most common oversight we’ve observed is the regret of not knowing what was unknown, or simply not considering all factors. We hope this information aids in your research and inspires new strategies for your business. If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur seeking a product that elevates quality, enhances performance, and offers customer service that opens up new revenue avenues, enabling you to outperform your competitors, call us today at 877-449-8250.

Tom McBride

I am the owner and founder of Cooler Trailers. I have been building small refrigerated trailers and freezer trailers since 1997. When I started in 1997 there was no one to look to for info or help. We were the niche. Today the landscape has changed but I am proud to be the pioneer that got this niche started. Our customers from Fortune 500 Companies to some of the fastest growing start-ups, allow us an opportunity to build refrigerated trailers and freezer trailers with superior design that get them superior results!
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